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About Go Royal

What is Go Royal?
Go Royal is an all-new hotel loyalty programme launched by SHKP covering the 5 Royal Hotels (including The Royal Garden, Royal Plaza Hotel, Royal Park Hotel, Royal View Hotel & ALVA HOTEL BY ROYAL) and their 20 select restaurants including Shikigiku Japanese Restaurant (ifc mall).

Go Royal is a coalition loyalty programme with The Point. By using The Point bonus points as a loyalty currency, Go Royal Members can earn 1 The Point bonus point per every HK$1 spent at Royal Hotels or 25 SHKP malls, whereas accumulated points can be used to redeem fabulous rewards. More spending, more rewards!
What is the difference between Go Royal by SHKP and The Point by SHKP?
Go Royal by SHKP covers 5 Royal Hotels and their 20 select restaurants, whereas The Point by SHKP covers 25 SHKP malls. Both programmes share the same loyalty points account by forming a coalition.

If you are not a The Point member, by registering as a Go Royal member, you will become a The Point member at the same time. However, if you register as a The Point member on The Point App, you will not become a Go Royal member automatically.

Go Royal members are able to redeem member-exclusive hotel rewards on Go Royal App which may not be available on The Point App.
What are the participating hotels and restaurants?
The Royal Garden
  • Dong Lai Shun
  • The Royal Garden Chinese Restaurant
  • Shikigiku Japanese Restaurant
  • Le Soleil
  • J's Bar Bistro
  • The Greenery
  • Fine Foods Shop
  • Shikigiku Japanese Restaurant (ifc mall)
  • Sabatini Ristorante Italiano
Royal Plaza Hotel
  • La Scala
  • Di King Heen
  • Lion Rock
  • Royal Plaza Cake Shop
Royal Park Hotel
  • 2+2 Café
  • Sakurada Japanese Restaurant
  • Jade Pavilion
  • Coffee Corner
Royal View Hotel
  • Lido Heen
  • Alva House
  • Yat Heen
  • Mizutani
  • PitStop

About Membership

What are the Go Royal membership types?
There are two Go Royal membership types:

  • Go Royal Purple (Register for free)
  • Go Royal Gold (HK$1,388 per year)
What are the membership benefits of Go Royal?
To learn more about membership benefits of Go Royal,
please visit Go Royal Member Benefits page.

About Membership Registrations

How can I become a Go Royal member?
Simply download the Go Royal App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and register as a Go Royal Member to start enjoying all the privileges of Go Royal member.

The official website of Go Royal (www.goroyal.com.hk/en) also provides you with QR codes for downloading the App.
Who can register as a Go Royal member?
Go Royal is open to individuals aged 11 or above. For customers who are under the age of 18, they should obtain consent from their parents or guardian before applying for a Go Royal membership.
How to register as a Go Royal Purple member?
Go Royal Purple
(Register for free)
Membership registration can be done on Go Royal App. Simply download Go Royal App and follow the instruction to complete the process.
How to become a Go Royal Gold member?
Go Royal Gold
(HK$1,388 annual fee)
Go Royal members can use points only /cash + points / cash only to upgrade their membership to Gold Card by making a redemption of Gold Card membership through Go Royal App.

Go Royal members can visit any Participating Hotel or Restaurant to upgrade their membership to Go Royal Gold.
What should I do if I forgot my password?
Your password may be reset by following the below simple steps:

  • Open the Go Royal App
  • Click “Sign In”
  • Click "Forgot Password" under the "Sign In” section
  • Submit your registered mobile number
You will receive an email from "The Points by SHKP". Please follow the instructions to reset your account password.
Alternatively, you may request a password reset link to be sent to your registered mobile number by clicking “Get a reset password link via SMS” on the Forgot Password confirmation page (Maximum 3 sends per day).

About Welcome Offers

What are the Welcome Offers available for Go Royal members?
HK$100 Welcome Dining Coupon
500 Welcome Bonus Points
Upon members’ first login after successful completion of the registration to become a Go Royal Purple member

About Points

How can I earn The Point bonus points?
Go Royal members are eligible to earn points upon Qualifying Spending at Participating Hotels or Restaurants.

1 The Point bonus point is earned for every HK$1 Qualifying Spending at Participating Hotels and Restaurants.
How can I check the points balance?
You may simply follow the below steps:

  • Log in to Go Royal Account
  • Go to My Account from the main menu (Top left corner)
  • You may find your Points Balance (same as your The Point account) under your digital membership card
  • Tab Points Balance to see the points you earned through Participating Hotels and Restaurants
When will my points be expired?
The Point bonus points have two expiry dates each year, i.e. 31 March and 30 September. Points earned from 1 April till 30 September of the current year will expire on 30 September of the following year while points earned from 1 October till 31 March will expire on 31 March of the following year. All expired points will be forfeited.
How do I know if my stay is eligible to earn points?
If you book and stayed at Participating Hotels through Qualifying Room Reservation Channels, and settled the room bills by yourself through e-payment, your stay will be eligible to earn points.
Participating Hotels' official hotel room reservation channels include Participating Hotels' websites, and Go Royal Mobile App, Participating Hotels' official telephone reservation hotlines and emails, and other Participating Hotels approved hotel room reservation channels as may be specified by Participating Hotels from time to time. Unless otherwise specified, third party online platforms, online service providers or online travel agents, such as Expedia.com, Booking.com, TripAdvisor.com etc. are not Qualifying Room Reservation Channels.
Can I earn points on “Qualifying Spending” even if I booked and stayed through non-Qualifying Room Reservation Channels?
Yes, you can earn points on Qualifying Spending, e.g. food and beverage, spa, laundry etc. charged to your room even if the reservation is under a non-Qualifying Stay.
What is “Qualifying Spending”
Qualifying Spending means any spending on Qualifying Stays, Qualifying Events, Food & Beverage and Spa & Massages, made with e-payment at any Participating Hotels and restaurant; and takeaway & delivery service, eShop, and rewards redemption (excludes points redemption portion) through Go Royal App.
What is “non-Qualifying Spending?”
Spending which does not qualify for Points earning include consumptions of gift certificates or vouchers, complimentary service, points-redeemed portion of rewards, fees (e.g. late cancellation fee, no-show fee, cancellation penalties etc.), Participating Hotels' food booth outside hotel area, takeaway & delivery service and eShop spending through Participating Hotels' official websites directly, takeaway & delivery service of Participating Hotels and Restaurants through third party channels, e.g. Deliveroo, OpenRice etc., third party services contracted out by hotels, taxes, and doctor consultation and medication fees.
How soon will the points be credited to my Go Royal account when I made Qualifying Stay or Qualifying Spending?
The points will be credited to your Go Royal account within 2 days after check-out for a Qualifying Stay or payment in full of Qualifying Incidental Charges or Qualifying Spending.
Do I need to upload receipts to earn points for Qualifying Hotel Spending via Go Royal App?
By presenting Go Royal digital membership card, all the points earned at Go Royal Participating Hotels or Restaurants will be automatically calculated and credited to the Go Royal member account, without the need to upload receipts.
However, if you need to earn points via your transactions made at SHKP Malls, you still need to upload receipts via The Point App.
Why didn’t I receive points credited to my account on my Qualifying Spending?
In order to earn points for Qualifying Stay / Qualifying Spending, the following criteria must be met:

  • Member must present his/her digital membership card on Go Royal App upon settling bill at Participating Hotels or Restaurants
  • The bill was settled by the member through e-payment
Will there be any upper limit of earning The Point bonus points via Go Royal?
There’s no upper limit for earning The Point bonus points except:
a. A maximum of 500,000 points can be earned per Qualifying Event under a single transaction;
b. A maximum of 30,000 extra bonus points can be earned in each Go Royal member’s birthday month
Do I earn Points on eShop spending?
You can earn points for Qualifying Spending at eShop spending through Go Royal App.

1 The Point bonus point can be earned with every HK$1 spent.
Do I need to register Birthday Double Bonus Points?
No registration is needed. Each Go Royal Member will receive double bonus points rewarded by Go Royal for their Qualifying Spending in the birthday month with an up to 30,000 extra bonus points per year.
Can my Points be transferred or exchanged?
Points cannot be sold, bartered, exchanged for cash, nor transferred to other members. If, through investigation this activity is found on your account, your membership may be terminated, and Points will be forfeited.
Can I get earn points for the spending prior to Go Royal membership enrollment?
Spending prior to Go Royal enrollment is not eligible for points earning.

About Rewards

What is the difference between redeeming rewards on the Go Royal app and The Point app?
Go Royal members are able to redeem member-exclusive hotels rewards on Go Royal App which may not be available on The Point App. For the same Royal Hotel rewards, Go Royal members may enjoy better discounts or privileges on Go Royal App.
How can I cancel or change a room reward?
Once the redemption is confirmed, the corresponding points will be deducted instantly from your account. No cancellation or amendment will be allowed.
Do I need to contact Hotel after redeeming a room reward?
Please make your reservation with hotel at least 48 hours prior to your stay. The room is subject to availability. Hotel Reservations Team may also contact you to ensure the hotel room can be booked per your requirements.
What will be the arrangement in the event of a no-show for a room reward?
In the event of a no-show for Room Rewards redemption, such Room Reward redemption will be deemed fully used and all the points that have been deducted for the Room Reward will not be refunded. Required cash payment part will also be deducted through the credit card provided for the Room Reward Reservation in accordance with the hotel’s no-show policy.
If a member books more than 1 room, can s/he get the points credit for all rooms or only the room s/he stayed?
A member can earn points for up to three rooms for the duration of his / her stay at the Participating Hotel. His / her stay period needs to overlap with the other two occupied rooms for at least one night. The member needs to stay and settle the bill for all rooms for the entire stay in order to earn points.

Contact Us

How can I contact Go Royal Member Services Team?
You may contact Go Royal Member Services Team at :

(Office hours: Monday to Friday from 09:00 – 13:00 and 14:00 – 18:00, except public holidays)
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